Parts of an Investor Pitch (Kickstart Presentation)

This is what primarily goes into a pitch deck. Usually 10 - 15 slides is best. This is an actual pitch deck that I created, however all the original content has been replaced with lorem Ispum text to protect my client's rights. This was a great project as I created the template, illustrated the icons and created custom graphs.

Parts of an investor pitch
Title slide
Agenda slide
Opportunity slide
Marketing Slide
Revenue and /or Financial Slide
Competition slide
Milestone and/or What your asking slide. the agressively figures faded in one at a time. 
Comparison slide
A Cost slide. Which in this case showing the product levels. 
One way to show screenshots. In this case showing shots of the new website currenly in works.
End slide. Usually Question an Answers | Thank you | contact information
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